Wildlife Agencies throughout this country are tasked with "managing" wildlife. What these agencies actually do is enable ranchers, farmers, hunters and various for-profit corporations to destroy and annihilate wildlife. The overarching goal of these agencies is to generate grants that allow them to
do the bidding of welfare ranchers and farmers to exterminate all things
wild and replace them with cows, crops and other destructive for-profit
activities on public lands. All of these agents consider prairie dogs pests
and happily gas tens of thousands of their burrows each and every year
with phosphine gas and other rodenticides that affect numerous
endangered and non-targeted species. This is all done with our tax dollars
and behind closed doors. These agents limit public comments and are not
transparent in  their policies. PPC works to expose these agencies and their
murderous policies in order to engage the public to work towards forcing
change within these governmental agencies.

PPC's main goal is to allow our lands to be preserved for wildlife, not highly subsidized for profit entities. 
Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) annihilates prairie dogs routinely throughout Colorado and on Colorado's State Parks. Both Cherry Creek and Chatfield State Parks have been poisoning thousands of prairie dogs on a yearly basis through the use of ​​​​ fumitoxin , a horribly inhumane gas where animals bleed out for days during an excruciating death. In addition, CPW is in charge of approving permits for relocating prairie dogs and they deny more than they approve. Their permitting process makes it increasingly difficult to save prairie dogs. In general, agents working for CPW see prairie dogs as an unwanted pest and work towards their annihilation and make preserving this keystone species incredibly challenging. CPW is incredibly hard to work with and they prefer to keep their actions unknown to the public. CPW officials do not care to be accountable to the public. Read more here ...